Types of Henderson Bail Bonds

Henderson Detention Center Bail Bonds
Henderson Detention Center Bail Bonds

If you find yourself arrested in Henderson, Nevada you will want to know the different Types of Henderson Bail Bonds. Conflicts with the law can come out of casual mistakes or emotional outbursts as often as malicious intent. When contacting a Henderson bail bondsman about getting a friend or loved one out of jail there are several things to consider.

Henderson Bail Bonds
Henderson Bail Bonds

Detainees Arraignment Decision

This is the first piece of information to be aware of. This type of decision is made solely by the Judge and depending on that choice bail might not be needed, or accepted. Arraignment decisions are often directly related to the category and severity of the crime involved.
– Released on own recognizance – Generally applies to Misdemeanors
– Bail amount set by judge/court – Usually the case for felony charges
– Detained without bail – Murder or flight risks

Bail Bondsman Las Vegas

Bail Bondsman Henderson
Bail Bondsman Henderson

Hire an Attorney

Hiring a Henderson Nevada Attorney to get the bail amount dropped or lowered is always an option. However, the detainee will have to wait in jail for an additional time to present the case to a judge.

Detainee has two Bond Options

If charged with a misdemeanor your friend or loved one has two options available to them in terms of securing a bail bond. Each option has different benefits and may be preferable in certain situations. For a crime committed in Henderson bail bonds from a local company are your best option.
– Cash Bond
– Surety Bond or Bail Bond

Cash Bonds allow for the full amount to be paid upfront. A surety bond allows you to pay a percentage of the bail amount to the bondsman with the assurance their organization will cover the rest of the bill. This is often a cheaper and safer option.

Henderson Bail Bondsman
Henderson Bail Bondsman

Common Types of Bail Bonds (Surety Bonds)

This is a list of several of the charges that are frequently resolved with surety bonds. If you believe your friend or loved one is being held for one or more of these then reaching out and acquiring a surety bond may be your best option.
– Controlled Substance Bail Bonds
– Domestic Violence Bail Bonds
– DUI Bail Bonds – Driving Under the Influence
– Felony Bail Bonds
– Immigration Bail Bonds
– Misdemeanor Bail Bonds
– No Money Down Bail Bonds
– Traffic Bail Bonds
– Warrant Bail Bonds
– Weapons Bail Bonds

Henderson Jail Inmate Release Area
Henderson Jail Inmate Release Area

How does a Bail Bond in Henderson work?

A bail bond is not a get out of jail free card. There are certain obligations involved that you should research before entering into an agreement with a Henderson bail bondsman.
– A fee of 15% of the bail is paid to the bondsman
– Bail bondsman pays the full amount of the bail to the Henderson jail
– Detainee is released

How expensive is a Henderson Bail Bond?

The cost of actual bail is variable. It is set based on the nature of the charges and the judge’s discretion. However, when purchasing bail bonds there is a general rule of thumb to the cost of bail bonds, in Henderson and elsewhere.
– Bond is 15% of the bail amount set by the judge/courts

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Henderson Bail Bonds by Marc Gabriel
Henderson Bail Bonds by Marc Gabriel

Best Henderson Bail Bonds Service

If you are looking for the best Bail Bonds in Henderson then you should consider eBAIL as your primary option. They operate locally, are easy to contact and work fast to get your friend or loved one released so things can start getting back to normal. They are available for contact through a variety of means from telephone to email.

– Marc Gabriel

Henderson Nevada Bail Bonds
Henderson Nevada Bail Bonds